When you want to launch a software with a programm (stata with a script), you do it in batch mode.
Modern CPU contains many cores. You can see each core as a computation unit.
Head node
The head node or login node is the entry point for the users. You connect to the head node to have access to the cluster.
When you want to launch a software like you would do on your own computer and be able to interact with it. It’s not good to do that on Baobab, because as you are working on your software, there are many time when the compute node is just waiting doing nothing.
your program executed against your data on a resource.
Node (compute)
A server of the cluster, where the actual computation is made.
In SLURM, the compute nodes are grouped by partitions. Each partition can have different characteristics.
for example the cpus, memory, disks.
As the cluster is shared betweens users, when you want to use a ressource on the cluster, the scheduler is responsible to allocate the resources you ask to you. If the resources aren’t available, (already allocated to another job) the scheduler will put your job in a queue and allocate you the resources later.